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Adrian Peterson knows the rumors that people are talking about. Obviously, he has now had enough Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys.

The former Minnesota Vikings star runners expressed his dissatisfaction with him and his future views.

“You can not believe you read or hear everything that people say,” Peterson said. “One of the things I do not worry about is that there is a ball in the new season … I will have a ball to play! It’s not what everyone has recently guessed about the money. You will think of these” experts “and When you do not know what happened, people will write their own story out! Say I put the shelf … that I do not want to play less than $ 8 million in salary!

“But look, when you do not understand a person or do not understand what they insist on things, it is easy to put your own views on top. Unfortunately, this is our world! This is directly from I will find the most suitable team and try to help the team win the championship is my main goal! I am not anxious. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China I let me remove those who do not worry about why I am in doubt or guess. I wholeheartedly believe that God will let me go where I need to go and get what I am asking for for him.

Even if Peterson is optimistic about his future, the fact is that there may not be a suitable home for him now, especially because of his asking price – whether it is high or low. The Vikings last week signed Latavius Murray as his replacement. Seattle Seahawks signed Eddie Lacy. Auckland Raiders seem to be more likely to consider Marshawn Lynch before considering Pittson. Other teams need to run back the team may be considered through the draft reinforcement, this year’s draft has a lot of excellent running back.

So Peterson may still need to wait. But from his remarks on Friday, at least he can still be patient. Make Cheap Jerseys Online.

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