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St. Louis sued the team that agreed to let the rams relocate

What is the impact of an NFL team on a city? St. Louis can tell you. Since the ram left, the city lost about $ 3 million in entertainment revenue a year, plus the loss of other taxes has lost $ 100 million in basic income in St. Louis.

So St. Louis filed a lawsuit against the court, prosecuting the rams and other 31 teams moved by the ram and the NFL alliance, they think the rams did not meet the NFL relocation standards, St. Louis that the NFL did not consider allowing the sheep to stay Here, because St. Louis had already passed the ram plan to build a new arena, but the team finally moved, did not take into account the St. Louis has invested tens of millions of dollars to start preparing.

Always the problem of business that led to such a situation, St. Louis suffered a huge loss in their future sharp decline in income, so so St. Louis filed suit is reasonable, and interesting is that the ram in St. Louis at least also Can achieve 7 wins and 9 losses record, but in the first year of Los Angeles, the ram will be 12 times the embarrassing situation of defeat.

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