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“Brutal movement” – rugby


Football, ball games, popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries. 1823 originated in the United Kingdom Ragby, formerly known as Ragby football, referred to as Ragby. Because of its spherical olives, known as football.

Ragby is a city in central England, where there is a school of Ragby, which is the birthplace of rugby. The ball used at the beginning of the rugby is the use of the bladder of the pig after the sun drying up to use, its shape was ellipsoid, different from the ball of football, and thus increase the ball rolling when the uncertainty The characteristic is also the place where the sport is attractive.

The rugby venue is 100 meters long and 70 meters wide rectangular grass. The two long sides of the stadium for the sidelines, two short sides for the front. There are a depth of 10-22 meters behind the line, the bottom line for the dead ball line (Dead ball line). There was a goal in the center of the front, and the post was separated by 5.6 meters, and there was a bar at a height of 3 meters.

Each game has three referees, a referee responsible for the implementation of the rules, to master the game and timing; two sidelines referees each tube a line, when the ball or ball out of bounds when the flag to the referee.


Speaking of sports, you have to mention the event. Compared to NBC, in the many races of rugby, the most famous is the RWC – Rugby World Cup.

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is the premier event of the International Rugby Council (IRB, formerly known as FIRA). In 1987, the First Rugby World Cup was jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand, and was held every four years.

The rugby World Cup championship team won the William Webb Ellis Cup.

2011 World Cup in New Zealand, nearly 1 billion viewers in the world to watch the New Zealand and France finals, the final New Zealand to win the World Cup 8: 7, 2015 World Cup will be held in England, Wales, 2019 World Cup will be in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore.


Rugby is indeed a ball game full of body collision. Therefore, in order to become a professional player on the need for higher physical fitness. Players must be strong, explosive power, to be flexible and fast, perform their duties. At the same time, also need a clever mind, comprehensive big picture, tactical literacy, the only way to fully interpret the true meaning of this sport. So football for physical and mental have a great effect of exercise.


Rugby as a sport, the benefits are not only healthy body and mental strengthening, it will use a good core value to lead the rugby enthusiasts to the future.


Integrity is the core of football, derived from honesty and fair play.


Rugby players are passionate about football matches. Rugby is a member of the global rugby family who has a sense of belonging to excitement and sensibility.


Rugby provides a lifelong spirit of friendship, friendship, friendship, co-operation, and loyalty to geography, politics, and religion.


Discipline is an integral part of rugby in or out of the field. From the strict adherence to the rules, regulations and football core values ​​reflected.


Respect for teammates, opponents, game staff and other rugby players is an excellent sentiment.


Brutal and violent has never been synonymous with football, it will bring us is struggling, brave forward, never give up the quality. Is modest and prudent, good use of wisdom, thoughtful teachings. It is independent of thinking, tenacity and the joy of success.

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