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At present, Texas Agricultural University defensive end point Myles Garrett has undisputed to become this year’s draft pick the most popular candidates. If Cleveland Brown finally did not pick up Garrett with the pick, then this will make countless people surprise. Make Cheap Jerseys in

And if Brown did not do so, Garrett himself will be in the next ten years with their own performance revenge. In an interview with ESPN, Garrett said that if Brown did not let him become a champion, then in the next ten years he will face each time Brown “punish” them and “kill” their quarterback.

The question he was actually asked was what Brown should use to pick him up with a champion, and he gave a very good answer, but his answer clearly had a layer of “threat”, especially if Brown finally decided to use Pick up a quarterback.

“I will not get into trouble because I will get the team from the first day.I will only finish the defense and bring a nice atmosphere to the team,” Garrett said. “I will lead the team to win from now on.” If you pick me with a pick, I will punish you for the next ten to twelve years.I will kill you every time you face you I will beat him, no matter who is the champion.

In fact, in the interview, Garrett also revealed some interesting details. For example, in addition to playing outside he also likes dinosaurs and poetry.

But he was asked when he was asked career planning may give a lot of people surprised to answer, he said he wanted to record in the NFL history of the top ten, but at the same time he is not sure they will not play such a long time The ball. He is currently planning to stay with his family in the league for ten years. NFL Jerseys Authentic

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